March 12th, 2017


Doing Nothing

For some reason, things have become oddly "dull". It isn't that anything is bad. On the contrary, things are actually going very well, by all real accounts. Still, I don't feel as though I "do" very much.

One thing I need to seriously get back to is making my YouTube videos. I just find the process often very tedious. Overall, though, my main channel has over 61K views, so someone must be finding it valuable. My other channel gets less attention but someone recently linked to it to explain a concept which came up in a book they published, so that is a nice gesture.

I just need to get out more. Once the spring gets into full swing, my plan is to go biking along the lake more often. I am going to take this year off from roller-blading since the MRI found that I have a torn meniscus in my right knee and the physiotherapist said that it should eventually heal, if I get good exercise, but the location was unusual and is typically due to a kind of twisting strain.

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