Jeff (moonlessnights) wrote,

The Earthen Hammer

Clearing my mind, I spent some time alone in the mind-scape, on a simple beach. I was there to build a great sandcastle, much as my yearnings usually dictate.

As I finished the structure, I decided to forage around for the stones to represent the citizens and the soldiers representing the military. Small pebbles for every person weren't hard to find.

The king, however, would be a different matter. The beach was very smooth with no large stone piles to prevent erosion so I decided to forage by digging.

Eventually, I found what appeared to be a large stone. After dumping a great deal of water on it and digging around until I could find a hand-hold, I manage to unwrench it, pulling it up into the air. Eclipsing my view of the sun, I could see its shape: a hammer.

I heard a scurrying behind me heard a voice: "Maybe that is what you were looking for. What does it do?".

A little startled but thinking the same thing, I stood and brought it down on the sand.

My ears rang with what sounded like metal on metal, but this hammer appeared to be some kind of stone and the ground was nothing but sand and water. I managed to clear my mind and open my eyes to see the shock-wave continue across the beach. In its wake was emptiness and stillness. The other people had disappeared, the waves ceased, and the wind seemed to halt.

Looking at this tool, seemingly untarnished by the strike into the sand, I smiled at my sudden companion: "I think think you might be on to something".

Maybe digging through the sand, all alone, is more correct than I had previously assumed,
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